About Revera and Renshaw Watts

Established in 2001 Revera's independent consultancy service operates with a genuine love of the British Countryside and a detailed understanding of the complex array of demands upon it.

In today's challenging environment Revera operates discreetly providing realistic and deliverable outcomes by following a constructive and innovative approach to each unique initiatives characteristics and each clients' unique circumstances. We engender trust with all our clients and other members of their professional teams. We enjoy the challenge and advantages of being involved with initiatives from inception.

Revera's aim is to deliver practical solutions based on a clear and current understanding of differing viewpoints whilst at all times reflecting the clients aims and aspirations.

We usually fulfil the role of project co-ordinator, but our approach is flexible and adapted to a client's particular requirements.

Revera is led by Renshaw Watts (click to see CV). Renshaw has worked with various clients providing strategic consultancy advice for over 30 years.

In addition to our core services Revera draws upon an established network of external expertise that may be required in order to deliver results for our clients.

In addition to our professional approach our clients value our ability to manage people and resources. We appreciate the often delicate nature of relationships and our discreet service reflects the utmost need for confidentiality and trust.

Revera offers a visionary proprietorial service reflecting the client's needs.