Our services

Guided by a mission - honesty, professionalism, discipline, trust and flexibility are the true defining features of good service. At Revera we provide these for every client.

Our mission is to offer exceptional service with bespoke solutions whilst acting as a catlyst for local development of a client's assets

Whilst each initiative has unique characteristics, REVERA's strategic consultancy service could involve the following steps:

  1. Determination of clients objectives, aims and aspirations
  2. Improve knowledge of the assets and all relevant stakeholders
  3. Analysis of the existing rural assets to identify areas for improvement
  4. Drafting of strategies and plans in collaboration with relevant stakeholders (if beneficial)
  5. Agreeing realistic delivery strategy, timeline and budget
  6. Monitoring and appraisal of implementation progress

Strategic work can be carried out on a one off or regular basis. Individual components of an estate can be looked at or a complete appraisal may be required. Our independent standing allows us to prepare an overview the property and provide a 'health-check' as to its current performance - acting as your critical friend.

We are used to and enjoy working with other advisors to ensure that estate policies and plans are entirely appropriate.

We understand the importance of balancing divided opinions and achieving solutions that ultimately satisfy all parties.

We offer advice on single issues as well as ongoing projects. REVERA can provide an independent opinion and clarification of complex situations.

Land ownership involves immense responsibility. Clients will not only find themselves in positions where they control assets of great value but also a wide range of people including tenants, contractors, neighbours, the local community and their own family members. REVERA is able to advise how best to manage these situations.

Investors' needs may be somewhat different from those of private clients.

UK land has seen a marked increase in interest from the financial sector in recent times. The reasons are varied, including future global population growth, increasing demand for food and an alternative investment to diversify investment portfolios.

However, we believe there is a great deal of misunderstanding about the realities and complexities of rural property. In the UK, there are many components of rural property investment other than the production of commodities. These frequently include residential property and alternative land uses.

The very complex nature of the many facets of rural property demand good proactive planning and management.

Revera can draw up strategies to ensure that investments are worked to their optimal capacity, both in terms of annual return and capital growth.

REVERA will also review management structures and service to ensure that they deliver the highest standards possible and in the most cost effective manner.

However, the need to meet appropriate and tailored performance targets agreed with the client will always be of paramount importance. Achieving this is a challenge Revera can deliver upon.

Many clients have an existing team of legal, financial and accounting professionals to protect their interests. Revera promotes the benefits of surrounding clients with the best professional individuals. We are used to working with private clients and trustees and understand the need for delicate handling of many situations involving people and property.

Revera is experienced in working as part of an advisory team and benefits from working with other specialists in their fields. Our role frequently extends from providing the link between strategic planning to practical implementation to full project management - our flexibile approach to tackling each initiative gives us an edge .